Exporting Your Vehicles

A safe way to ship your car overseas is to have it loaded & secured in a container. The vehicle is strapped down tight & secured to the floor with wooden blocks to keep it from moving. One great advantage is you can load your personal belongings onto the container too. If you have a normal sized car, then this is an easy option. If you have a large SUV, you may have to consider an alternative. If your car is located far from our loading sites, we will arrange a car transporter to pick it up. Many customers do not have the time to drive their own car to the destination where it will be loaded. Using a car transporter to move your car to our loading sites is less expensive than doing it yourself because you save on gas, hotels and keep the mileage of your car low. Those who are located near our business offices, can always drive their cars to the loading site. The carriers we use can handle all your needs including door collection, insurance, and collection of the shipping documents you may be required to submit for your international shipment. Lozada Transport Services is the best choice for exporting your vehicles.

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