Heavy Equipment Dismantling and Loading into Shipping Containers

Heavy equipment can be dismantled in order to fit into the appropriate shipping containers. The professional loading team at Lozada Transportation Services has safely and carefully dismantled countless cargo for clients. Our expertise allows us to dismantle most semi-trucks, tractors, backhoes, wheel loaders, excavators, bulldozers, harvesters, etc. Dismantling of cargo reduces the cost of transporting such machinery for our clients who would otherwise have to pay for more costly alternatives like Flat Rack and RORO.

Reception and Storage

Pallet cargo receiving and unloading.
Heavy equipment receiving and unloading.
Backhoes reception.
Backhoes and Skid Steers in storage.

We can receive, unload, and store your heavy equipment until it is ready to be loaded into a container. All clients can take advantage of 30 days free storage when booking their containers with us. Clients who buy from auctions can have their export-destined purchases delivered directly to our facilities or request for us to take care of the entire pick-up and delivery process.

Dismantling and Loading

Wheel loader dismantling and containerization.

We consider it an art. Every piece of equipment we dismantle and load presents itself with its own set of challenges, requiring smart, creative and precise actions to complete the task.

Wheel loader bucket pins removal.

Great pride is taken in our work, we treat your equipment like if it was our own, we ensure all your hardware is preserved, and only cut as a last resort.

Backhoe loaded into shipping container.

Depending on the type of equipment being loaded, we use a combination of wooden platforms, heavy-duty ratchet tie downs, and metal chain binders to secure all components inside the container.


Container Loading

Two Backhoe Loaders In 40' HC

2 Caterpillar 416D Backhoes
2 Caterpillar 416D Backhoes - Loading
2 Caterpillar 416D Backhoes - Loaded

Wheel Loader In 40' HC

Volvo Wheel Loader
Volvo Wheel Loader - Loading
Volvo Wheel Loader - Loaded

Bulldozer In 40' HC

Caterpillar Bulldozer
Caterpillar Bulldozer - Loading
Caterpillar Bulldozer - Loaded